Acolyte Schedule

Thank you for serving God and the church as an Acolyte. Your service is important and valued. 
May God bless you as you serve Him in this special way.

If you cannot acolyte on your scheduled service you need to find 
a replacement or exchange service with another classmate.

Acolyte Schedule
Trinity Lutheran Church  -  May/June

May 18     
8:00 am - Noah Molzahn, Ty Sookram
10:30 am - Jackson Brettmann, Jameson Brettmann

May 25
8:00 am - Emma Storms, Shelby Limbach
10:30 am - Grant Frickenstein, Thunder Myers

June 1
8:00 am - Jake Heineman, Keegan McConnell
10:30 am - Miah Vakiner, Gabe Schindler

June 8 
8:00 am - Mitchell Glause, Alex Medinger
10:30 am - Trevor Synovec, Elise Patchen